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Insurance Claims Process

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Insurance Claims Process

Navigating Insurance After a Disaster



At Rapid Restoration, we are dedicated to making the disaster recovery process as stress-free for you as possible. As a property owner, we understand how overwhelming these situations can be, which is why we dedicate ourselves to working hard and as efficiently as possible.

One of the most frustrating aspects of recovering from a disaster is trying to deal with the insurance company. That’s why at Rapid Restoration we have qualified insurance professionals on hand in order to help you work with your insurance company. We have many years of experience with insurance agencies and companies. Rest assured, we’ll help you get your claim through in a timely, professional manner.

We want to ensure that you pay as little out of your own pocket as possible, and we will work closely with you throughout the entire insurance claims process.

To reduce some of the uncertainty involved in filing an insurance claim, here is a general outline of what the insurance claims process often looks like:

  1. Submit Your Claim: First, you will submit your claim—generally through a assigned representative of your provider. This may be done in a variety of ways, such as over the phone, the internet, or through the mail. Your insurance representative will be able to help you through this process and provide specific instructions.
  2. The Property Adjuster is Assigned: After your claim has been submitted, the company will assign an adjuster to your case. He or she will visit your site and evaluate the damage.
  3. Look at the Specific Terms of Your Policy: As your claim is going through, be sure to look at the specific terms of your policy. Every policy is different, so you’ll want to know exactly what yours says. Failure to follow certain protocols in the policy may keep you from getting a claim payment. Be sure to track your living expenses if you are forced to leave your home, and document any damages.
  4. Leave the Rest to Us: Regardless of how long it takes for the claim to go through, Rapid Restoration will work with you to ensure that your property is completely restored. We will also work with your provider to ensure that everything is handled appropriately.
  5. Payment: If your claim goes through, most providers will pay us directly so you don’t have to worry about that portion of the bill. Any remainder costs will be charged to you—but don’t worry, we will work with you to form a mutually acceptable payment plan so you don’t have to break the bank.

By calling Rapid Restoration, you can know that you’re getting the best and most thorough disaster cleanup services in the region. We’re more than just a disaster cleanup company—we’re full-service property restoration specialists!

Frequently Asked Minnesota Disaster Questions

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?: What kinds of damage will be covered by my insurance provider?


Each insurance provider is different, but here’s a general outline for what may or may not be covered by your provider:

  • Water Damage: Water damage caused by problems such as leaky pipes and damaged roofs will usually be covered. On the other hand, water damage from overflowing rivers and other types of major flooding are generally excluded from most policies.
  • Fire Damage: Practically any kind of damage from fires will be covered by most providers, regardless of the cause of the fire. They will often pay for fire and smoke residue cleanup, water extraction, contents restoration, property reconstruction, and any other cleanup services you may need.
  • Storm Damage: Damages caused by ice, snow, wind, and rain will generally be covered, with the exception of flooding caused by overflowing lakes and oversaturated soil. If the wind damages your roof and water leaks into your home, that should be covered.
  • Mold Growth: Every insurance provider is different, and some require you to have a separate mold growth policy. However, in other cases, mold removal services should be covered—particularly if the mold was directly caused by a covered item, such a burst pipe.



?: Will my insurance provider cover things like contents restoration and reconstruction?


It usually depends on the type of damage. If the damage is covered, then your provider should pay for every aspect of the cleanup process, from initial debris removal to reconstruction. However, if the type of damage isn’t covered—if, for example, your home floods from an overflowing lake—then you will usually have to pay for contents restoration and reconstruction

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Rapid Restoration is the most trusted name in residential and commercial property restoration services in Minnesota. Our team has a great deal of experience dealing with property damage and disaster scenarios of all type, and you can trust us to completely restore your property. When you’re in need of recovery services after a disaster, call Rapid Restoration any time of the day or night for 24/7 emergency response!

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