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Ice Damming

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Ice Dam Removal & Gutter Repair in Minnesota

Winter storms and arctic temperatures carry real risks for homes. Ice dams are one of the most common and subtle risks to your home throughout the winter. Ice dams form as a result of water runoff from the roof, which collects in roof gutters and freezes. Over time, this ice accumulation can thicken and lead to serious roof damage. The worst part is that you may not even notice. Ice dams are essentially blocks of ice fused to the roof and gutter–often along the eaves. Ice dams that are large enough can tear gutters from the roof, loosen and damage shingles, and cause water to back up and leak into your home. When this happens, the effects are painfully obvious: water damage that can peel paint, warp walls and floors, damage ceilings, and ruin insulation in the attic.The next time you see a bundle of majestic icicles suspended from the eave of a roof, consider the potential consequences to your home from the ice block holding them.


Ice Dam Prevention


Addressing ice dams is an important part of maintaining your home during the winter. Truly dealing with ice dams comes down to preventing them by making long term fixes to deficiencies in your home, though clearing debris from gutters is a good start. Increasing insulation in the attic, sealing leaks, and adding ventilation in the attic are all steps that should be taken to prevent ice dams from forming in the first place. Heat buildup from the interior of the house into a poorly ventilated attic can cause accumulated ice and snow on the roof to melt and runoff into the gutters. Combine this with cluttered gutters that don’t allow water to properly drain and conditions are perfect for ice dams to form and worsen.


Repair Before Winter


Ice dams are best prevented by making fixes before winter storms deliver cold and snow. Ice dams will be considerably less worrisome when you have addressed the cause before there is 2 feet of snow on the roof. Thoroughly clean gutters of debris–especially fall foliage–and make sure the downspout drains all water. Also, ensure insulation along the attic floor is adequate to keep warm air inside the house from accumulating in the attic. This is especially important for homes with recessed lighting. Make sure all ductwork and fans in the attic are properly sealed to keep this warm air out and that all eaves and rafter vents have good outside airflow. Preventing ice dams from forming is the best long term solution, so make sure your home is in proper condition to resist ice dams entirely.

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